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rye – week 5 | #52weeksofknits

“One can never have enough socks.” -Jerry (Gary/Larry) Gergich

A few weeks ago, I was snowed in & binge watching Parks & Rec for the 639th time. Jerry’s wisdom stirred something within me. One can never have enough socks, I thought to myself, how profound. I immediately began searching through my Ravelry library for a sock pattern, keeping my stash in mind. This one from Tin Can Knits jumped off the screen. I still had a skein leftover from my mitts (see last week’s post) that I thought would be perfect. I grabbed my needles and I was off!


Can we all please agree to ignore the dog hair? Ugh… anyway.


north country mitts – week 4 | #52weeksofknits

“Really?! So what would you say, Pheebs? Stuff like uh, ‘Keep your mitts off my grub?'”
“Say Ross, when you picture Phoebe living on the street, is she surrounded by the entire cast of Annie?”

Yes, I realize that has nothing to do with knitting. But every time I hear the word “mitts,” this line comes to mind. Oh, who am I kidding, my mind only thinks in Friends quotes…



my favorite hat…ever – week 1 | #52weeksofknits

Things don’t always go as planned. and that’s okay.

I bought a gorgeous skein of cream-colored yarn at a little shop. My pattern was purchased and downloaded. I readied my needles and cast on. About a fourth of the way through the pattern, I hit a snag. A literal snag. My yarn was tangled beyond help. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a particularly patient person. I just couldn’t find it within myself to untangle it. I logged onto Amazon, ordered a yarn swift & winder, and set my project aside.

Needless to say, I was desperate for a project for the week. Most of my yarn was in skeins that needed to be wound into cakes.

Thankfully, I had my trusty Lion Brand Thick & Quick on hand. I grabbed a skein of Hudson Bay, a beautiful yellow, red & blue stripe with a cream base, and a skein of Fisherman, a solid cream.

hudson bay
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I’ve been experimenting with some Fair Isle technique lately, and thought I’d give this a shot. This hat was knit in a 6-12 month size with the intention of giving it to my future nephew who’s due in June! But when I finished it, I knew I had to keep it for myself (sorry, Emily!). There’s something about this little beanie that makes it my favorite hat I’ve ever knit. Someday I hope to give it to my child. Does that make me sound crazy? Probably…


There really isn’t enough contrast in the solid cream & the striped cream to make the Fair Isle show up, but I still like the way it turned out! I would love to learn more about the technique in the future. I hope you enjoy my first knit of the year!




P.S. Don’t worry, my nephew will have no shortage of hats! 😉

What did you knit this week?? I’d love to read about it in the comments or see it on Instagram!
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