While gathering my items to film our latest podcast episode, I realized I had finished four pairs of socks in the last four weeks… let’s jump in!

First, I finished the Solstice Sunset socks by Flock Fibre Studio, which I had started right before Christmas. If you’ve been reading my blog for a year or so, you’ll know I set out last January to decide whether or not I’m a sock knitter (turns out, I am)! I aimed to try different constructions, heels, toes, and methods… and I tried most of them last year. One thing I hadn’t attempted yet was two-at-a-time socks. So when I saw the pattern Flock Fibre Studio published, I immediately bought it. What I didn’t realize is that it would mean often juggling (that is, keeping untangled) 4 balls of yarn due to the fading of each color into the next. For this reason, it took me well over a month to knit them – and even then, they’re shorties! I couldn’t bear to keep going, so I forwent the final color of the fade and bound off after only a couple inches of leg. My dislike of knitting them has nothing to do with the pattern. It was very well-written and I really like the way they look! My issue was entirely due to lack of planning. The texture on these is so pretty, but also contributed to the tediousness of knitting them two-at-a-time. I highly recommend the pattern, though I definitely suggest you knit them one at a time! If I try two-at-a-time again – and I’m not sure I will – I’ll just do a plain, vanilla sock. I also don’t often knit an afterthought heel, but did enjoy the process on this pattern.

Next up was an impulsive cast-on with some Patons Kroy my friend Christine sent me! I did my normal vanilla sock pattern, but made them shorter because I only had 63 grams of this yarn. I knit these on my Addi Turbo Sock Rocket size US 1. The join on them isn’t smooth and I don’t like them much, but use them when my ChiaoGoo Red Lace 32-inch circulars (aff. link) are otherwise engaged. These are super simple but I think the colorway, Mexicala Stripes, is really fun! This is the second pair for my Box o’ Sox this year!


Next is possibly my favorite pair ever. My talented friend Christine sent me a skein of her gorgeous bamboo-blend handspun, which totally spoiled me! Another vanilla sock, the only issue I had with these is that I decided to try 9″ circulars for the first time. Let me tell you… it’s not for me! I have pretty small hands, but they still got so cramped while knitting. Because I didn’t want tension to change, I forged ahead and knit them both on these needles. I do see a use for them (for example, they might work well for colorwork), so I’ll keep them around… but I won’t be reaching for them!

My last finished pair are knit with Mockingbird Fiber Co. Staple Sock in A Little Less Conversation. This is yet another vanilla sock, but I loved every stitch of this gorgeous color! The contrast heel/toe is also Mockingbird Fiber Co. and was part of a sock set we had in February. I’ve never knit a sock so fast – I finished the first one in two days! My go-to vanilla socks include a Fish Lips Kiss Heel, my absolute favorite. Would you be interested in seeing what I do for my version of a “vanilla sock”? I’m thinking of writing it up (it would be free!)… let me know what you think!

So that wraps up my four newest pairs, including 3 for my Box o’ Sox… and I’ve already started another (super secret) one! I’m really ready to get back into knitting some textured socks. I think The Shallow is going to be next. What’s your go-to sock pattern right now?!

xoxo – Andrea