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Yay! I’m so excited for today’s post! I want to share with you my favorite hats. Hats are, hands down, my favorite thing to knit. If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, this shouldn’t surprise you! They’re quick and fun to knit, and the result is a highly wearable finished object. That makes for what I consider to be a “high-yield” knit: grab a skein off the shelf, cast on, and in a couple of hours you have an attractive and cozy accessory. What’s not to love?! (For comparison, I consider socks to be a low-yield knit… I hate knitting them, I hate wearing them, and nobody sees them!)

Now that I’ve knit more than 20 different hat patterns, I definitely have a few favorites. I didn’t want to confine myself to a “top five” or “top ten”. I just really wanted to talk about the hats I love! Here are my criteria for the perfect hat:

  1. It has to be enjoyable to knit. If I hated knitting it, it’s not on this list. Promise. An entire hat of twisted rib will never be a favorite, because I don’t enjoy it. An easy-to-memorize or intuitive stitch pattern is sometimes nice so that I’m not constantly referring to the pattern. In contrast, variety can be lovely as well, so you’ll see a bit of both on the list!
  2. It has to be attractive. Duh! Who wants to wear an ugly hat? Sometimes I just want a simple, neutral beanie and other times I want all the color and stitch patterns! Either way, it has to have a nice aesthetic. The yarn can hugely make or break this too!
  3. It should have that perfect slouch. A nice fit is key when it comes to a hat. It’s always a huge disappointment when I see a perfectly slouchy hat, but it comes out like a skullcap when I knit it! And since I don’t really swatch, I just need them to be perfect with little effort, okay? 😉 Seriously though, a little slouch does a hat good. (Omg is that my new motto?!) I also love when I knit a hat and it’s not too small or too large – the ones on this list are the Goldilocks of hats.
  4. Bonus: size options! It’s not a must for me, but if a hat pattern is written for more than one size, I’m more likely to buy it! I’ll note which ones below have the added bonus of multiple sizes.

So let’s jump in! My project page for each hat is linked below for more info & yarn details!
(Note: these are in no particular order.)

Timber Bay by Melissa Schaschwary– a cozy double brim, a little fisherman’s rib, and the perfect slouch. This is one of my warmest and most-worn hats!

Cora by This.Bird.Knits – my first foray into mosaic knitting (and not my last!). Cora is a meditative and highly rewarding knit. And that pom!

Birdie by This.Bird.Knits – simple, easy to memorize, and the texture makes for one of the coziest hats I’ve knit!

Kakano by Francoise Danoy – slightly slouchy, attractive diamond texture, and a bonus: it’s free!

Rudbeckia by Andrea Mowry – so nice I’ve knit it twice! I like my Plucky version more, but the pattern is stellar. Brioche and endless color possibilities! Bonus: size options!

Quill by Andrea Mowry – intuitive, arrows, wide brim, and slouch. I think this one is perfect for that rustic skein of worsted you have in your stash!

Kobuk by Caitliln Hunter – I’m a bit torn on adding this to the list. I love the FO, but I actually didn’t love knitting with the mohair strand (it was a bit scratchy), my bobbles didn’t turn out quite as I pictured, and it was just a bit too small (I knit the small size). I gave this one away, but I would be willing to give the pattern another shot. It’s on the list because the FO is truly stunning and I think with the right yarn choices and checking gauge, this one is a home run! Bonus: size options!
yellowhathike-9593 (1)

Pollen by Andrea Mowry – I love the texture of the slipped stitches and the way it works up in a woolen spun yarn. Bonus: size options! This one actually has sizes for the whole family… so double bonus!

Buncombe by ME! – this one holds a special place in my heart, and not just because it was my first design! Its super-slouchy style is easy to wear and it looks great in a solid or variegated yarn!

And that concludes the list – nine awesome hat patterns I highly recommend you knit up ASAP!

I’d love to hear what your favorites are – hats are always hopping onto my needles!

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