Oh my gosh! I just realized it’s been a year since I posted volume one of Shawl Ready for This!! I’ve knit a few (like, eight) shawls since then, so I think it’s high time for an update!

I’ve already blogged about Winter Honey, but the rest haven’t received much attention! I’ll start with my most recent finished shawl, Marley by Andrea Mowry. This is one of my most enjoyable knits so far. Once you’ve mastered brioche (I swear it’s not hard! YouTube is your friend!) it’s just a four-row repeat. There’s something very fluid and meditative about brioche and I just love it. I knit this in madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Optic (MC) & Candlewick. It’s light and airy, yet so squishy and warm! This color palette isn’t my norm, but I absolutely LOVE the result!

marley5 marley4
“right side” of Marley vs “wrong side”… I love that it’s reversible!

Next up… Boho Blush also by Andrea Mowry (I want to knit every. single. one. of her shawls). I’ve never felt so compelled to knit something… this one spoke to my soul. The squishy garter, delicate lace, a smattering of brioche, and that fringe. Despite having over 500 stitches at the end, this one flew off the needles! I definitely recommend adding fringe after blocking to keep it from tangling. Knit with Plucky Knitter Oxford in Twill, this shawl is utter neutral perfection!


 Last August, my Nana gave me six squishy skeins of West Yorkshire Spinners Fleece Bluefaced Leicester Aran in three natural shades. I thought it best to knit her something since she was generous enough to bring this yarn all the way back from England! Not long after, Elkhorn by Melissa Schaschwary was released… a yarn/pattern match made in heaven! I knew it would make the perfect Christmas gift for her, and I finished with a few weeks to spare! I don’t love knitting stockinette flat (read: I don’t like purling!) but the stripes and textures kept me interested. I truly enjoyed every stitch and loved her reaction even more!


Sunwalker. Need I say more? I feel like it’s a classic. Although, I feel like all of Melanie Berg’s designs are classics. But there’s something about Sunwalker. Its generous size begs to be wrapped up in and the “pebbly seed stitch” as Melanie calls it adds texture and warmth. I absolutely adore and can’t say enough about this shawl – it is definitely my most worn so far. Oh, and I used Plucky again – this time (the sadly discontinued) Single in the colorway Betrothed. Single was a great base and is similar to Tosh Merino Light or Malabrigo Mechita. Don’t let the thought of miles of seed stitch overwhelm you – it’s totally worth it!


Now for a test knit I completed for Shannon Cook last July – Compass Shawl. This is a lovely shawl, with enough texture to keep it interesting to knit. I chose two colors of madelinetosh Pure Mernio Worsted and, though I love the outcome, I would opt for something more wooly were I to knit it again. This is a very bouncy wool and I’m not sure it’s the best option. But don’t get me wrong – this is a fantastic shawl!


I finished my very first test knit a year ago this weekend, Maybe, Baby Worsted by Webster Street Knittery. If I’m not mistaken, it was one of Jen’s first designs and she did a fabulous job! Although mine came out a bit small (I think I knit a little too tight), it’s a great size for wrapping like a scarf! For this one I mixed Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted and Cascade 220 – both great workhorse yarns. Jen has a few more designs now, and they’re all beautiful, so be sure to check her out!


The final shawl to mention is Drachenfels. Everyone has knit one by now, right?! If not, you need to! I used the suggested Rosy Green Wool and can’t recommend it enough. It’s one of my favorite yarns I’ve knit with so far, and this is definitely one of my favorite and most worn shawls! The pop of orange isn’t typically “me” but the lovely ladies at Black Mountain Yarn Shop helped me choose them last summer and I am so glad I took the leap! I don’t typically knit something more than once, but another Drachenfels is in my near future!


Shew. What a post! I didn’t realize I’d knit so many shawls. And there are at least three I want to cast on… I better free up some needles!

I’d love to know what shawl patterns you’re loving! Can you ever have too many?!

Happy knitting 🙂