You guys have heard of Plucky Knitter, right? If somehow you haven’t, I’m more than happy to introduce you! 🙂 Sarah and Hayley are the mastermind sisters behind this crazy colorful brand. Since I’m so close to my own sister, I totally admire the fact that these two work together so closely (without ripping each other’s hair out)! Anyway, there are several ways to purchase their amazing yarn, and it can get a little complicated. Follow this link to learn all about the process! It’s super helpful to sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss an update.

Over the past year or so, I have purchased yarn through several of their blog updates, as well as on the destash thread in their Ravelry group. And I only just realized that apparently I’m on a Plucky kick, with my last 4 FOs and 2 current WIPs all knit with Plucky yarn! They offer a variety of bases, all of which I’ve enjoyed knitting with (though I have my favorites… read on for my thoughts on that)!

First up, I finally finished the gorgeous Winter Honey shawl by Andrea Mowry earlier this month. Although I blocked it a little too aggressively (the cables on the edge opened up way too much), I am completely smitten with it! For this one, I used their 100% Merino base Trusty in the shade Penny Candy; I purchased 3 skeins from a blog update specifically for this pattern. As you can see, this color did not disappoint!

Trusty is a fabulous base that’s, well, trusty 😉 It’s a workhorse yarn that I’ve used before for hats and another shawl. I have no doubt it’d make a great sweater, too!
honey10Trusty is also one of Plucky’s most affordable bases, which is often a consideration for me. I highly recommend checking it out! See my project page for more photos & info.

My next FO is the Duotone Cowl by Orange Flower Yarn. I ordered a skein of Cozy in the colorway Skies of November, a rich medium blue. A few weeks later, I ordered a mystery skein and, as fate would have it, a skein of Cozy showed up! And in a colorway I happened to love (it’s a “One Hit Wonder,” but is very similar to Small Batch 021). It didn’t take me long to find this sweet cowl in my favorites & cast on! It only took me 3 days to finish this baby and I just love it. Cozy, a Merino/Baby Camel blend, worked up really well and is already one of my favorite bases!

Next are two hats that I’m (surprise, surprise) head over heels for!

Holt by Alicia Plummer knit up in just 2 days and is one of my new favorite hat patterns. I ordered a skein of Loch on Traveler Aran from Reserve and had to cast on ASAP. Since I’d been wanting to knit this hat for a while, it was an easy match! I think this hat would be even better in a “woolier” yarn, but Traveler, a blend of Merino, Silk & Yak, is a dream to work with! It relaxed a bit more than I intended with blocking (I need to work on my aggression apparently!), but Holt is beautifully slouchy & I love the greenish-gray hue of Loch!


My last recent FO is Chevy by Andrea Mowry, knit for my sister in her favorite color 🙂

I purchased this skein from a fellow Plucky addict on their destash thread, specifically for the shade of blue – Paris is Always a Good Idea. This one is on the Primo Aran base, which (I must admit) is not my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, it’s Merino/Cashmere/Nylon and is great to work with, but the skein I got had a couple of knots and also some inconsistency in color (i.e. some undyed spots throughout). Once it worked up, it wasn’t super obvious, and my sister loves it, which was the whole point!
I love this pattern, just like everything Andrea does! I’m already diving head first into the stash to knit my own (I’m thinking Traveler Aran for this one too).

As for WIPs, I currently have two… both Plucky!

Boho Blush by Andrea Mowry is coming along nicely in Oxford 1.0 in Twill, which is a beautiful light grey on this base. I just have 2.5 sections & the fringe to go… I can’t wait to wrap this around me!

I’m also using the leftover Cozy to make my second Rudbeckia Hat (again, by Andrea Mowry!) – I gave the first to my sister, but have wanted my own for a while. It’s working up nicely, though I’m not sure it’s the perfect yarn/pattern match.

I’m always looking to try new Plucky! What’s your favorite base?!