I’ve been really trying to blog more (even if nobody reads it, hah!) and want to start writing about what’s finished, what’s on me needles, and what’s up next!

I’m calling it “WIPs and FOs,” but I’m actually going to start with an FO – because I’m so relieved to have finished my husband’s sweater! *Cries tears of joy*

I started Sawyer on January 1, aiming to have it completed for his birthday on the 29th. Well… January 29th came and went sans sweater. Don’t worry, I got him a gift (side note: have you heard of the Teaze? That’s what I got him & he loves it!) but I definitely let myself down. After a year of cranking out something new each week, it was really hard to focus on one thing. I think I went a whole week without knitting on it; it was exhausting. I’ve enjoyed knitting different types of sweaters, but this one was just a beast. It was my first time using a tubular cast on (which I had to do four times), first set in sleeves, first button band… yeah. I was over it. I just want to knit top-down raglans forever. Hah! Just kidding. I’ll eventually knit another seamed sweater, but… I’m not itching to cast on just yet.


I had a bunch of Cascade 220 on hand for a shawl that never materialized and the color, Japanese Maple, is right up his alley. Yay for not having to buy yarn!

My one big hangup was this: the designer uses a slipped garter selvedge (SGS) instead of a regular stockinette selvedge. Since I haven’t knit that many sweaters, I just went with the pattern. Big mistake. This thing was a total pain to seam! I googled, looked on YouTube, and read through all the projects for the pattern and, yep, there’s no easy way to seam it. I think I ended up using some version of the Bickford Seam and it looks okay, but it could definitely be improved. I learned my lesson and from now on, it’s a stockinette selvedge so I can mattress stitch! (Because mattress stitch is amazing.)


Anyway! I finally finished it on Valentine’s Day! <3 All in all, it took me a month and a half, which isn’t all that bad, and I think he really likes it!

Another recent FO is Kobuk by Caitlin Hunter. I knit this holding a strand of DK (Brooklyn Tweed Arbor) with a strand of laceweight mohair (Lana Grossa Silkhair) as Caitlin suggests. I love the soft halo that this combo lends to the hat! My super talented friend Katy of Katy Sergent Photography took these photos and, I’ll be honest, I want her to take all my FO photos from now on! She’s awesome! yellowhathike-9606 yellowhathike-9601

This was my first time knitting bobbles and they’re so fun! Mine weren’t quite as defined as I would’ve liked and I’m not sure if it was the yarn or my inexperience. I love the twisted rib and seed stitch “mountains” and… well, everything about this hat! The perfectly fluffy pom is from knitcoastshop on Etsy & it’s just as amazing in person! (More photos on my project page!)

yellowhathike-9593 (1) yellowhathike-9583

In WIP news… things are slow going on my Winter Honey shawl, which I started in December. It takes me a good hour to get through 4 rows and I’m maybe halfway finished. Cabling without a cable needle makes things go much faster, but progress is still sluggish. With no deadline, this one could take a couple more months!

My semi-long-term goal (is that a thing?) is to finish up (or frog) all my WIPs and get my needles organized again. I swear, I can’t keep track of needles and cables to save my life. Hopefully those projects will be popping up here as FOs this year!

I’d love to hear what you’re working on or recently finished!

Warmest Wishes,


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  1. Silent reader over here!! I love catching up on your blog 🙂 Our taste in knitting/color choices is very similar and I don’t find too many knitting blogs like yours! Keep knitting and blogging! 🙂 That sweater is ahhmazing btw. Kudos for getting through it!

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