As 2016 draws to a close, I am reminded of how much I’ve learned and grown as a knitter this year. If you haven’t read my original #52weeksofknits post, I resolved to knit one new thing each week for 52 weeks. I’m thrilled to announce I have completed my goal! Actually, I surpassed my goal. I will complete 2016 with 60 Ravelry projects (I only started using project pages this year)! From my first sweater and shawl to over a dozen hats, several more shawls, and some randomness, I really enjoyed my little project. I do have to say that as much as I enjoyed it, it was kind of stressful having a deadline every week! I work well under pressure, but sometimes I struggled to find the right project/yarn combo to have an FO for the week.

Halfway through I shared my progress, things I’ve learned, and overall thoughts. In addition to the skills I discussed there, I also:

learned how to WEAVE and bought a loom, practiced mosaic knitting, tried my hand at Japanese yarn over short rows,
wrote & published two patterns (Buncombe & Autumn Chase) and snapped FO photos at 6,500 feet. My last (official) FO of the year was Tread by Shannon Cook… I’m obsessed!




Socks & Mitts


Scarves & Cowls

One of my weavings

I feel like this was my year to learn. Through trial and error, I discovered which fibers, weights and yarn brands I love (and those I want to avoid – I’m looking at you, lace weight). I took a 4 week, every weekend, 9 hours a day, backbreaking weaving class and fell in love with a new art. I explored construction and knit several different shawl shapes. I’ve realized that picking up stitches is a necessary evil for knitting garments, no matter how much you hate it. During a hard year personally, I found that casting on something new is therapeutic for me (and may explain my 8 WIPs). Colorwork has become something to focus on when I need to meditate and relax. This list goes on…

I’ve been asked: “What are you going to do when you’re sick of knitting?” My gut reaction is “How could I ever get sick of knitting?” Sure, there are days I feel uninspired. Days I have so much to do that knitting isn’t the first thing on my mind. But it’s never the last thing on my mind. There is seldom a day that I don’t pick up the needles. Even though I’ve taken up weaving, it hasn’t replaced knitting. Yeah, I can crank out a scarf in 8 hours of weaving that would take me months to knit. But knitting is my passion. It consumes so many of my thoughts and so much of my time.

I promise I won’t be knitting something new each week in 2017. My goals for next year are different, but they excite me even more! #52weeksofknits was an amazing challenge, but I’m glad to be rid of the weekly deadline that had me stressed and scrambling too many times.

So here’s to the end of my 2016 resolution, and to a new purpose for the year to come!