Whoa… it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a weekly update on my #52weeksofknits resolution. Like 20 weeks… holy cow!


Well I’ve been knitting a lot since then (see my Ravelry project page for specifics) and my most recent FO is Wolf River by Melissa Schaschwary. I knit this sweater in the suggested Cascade Ecological Wool in the Merlot colorway. I scored 2 skeins for right at $30 a while back on Craftsy. You get a lot of bang for your buck! I have to say, I don’t love knitting with this yarn. It isn’t the softest and by the end of the sweater, I was so over it. It may sound weird, but it made my hands feel dry (is this just me??) and I hate that feeling. I do love the finished product though and the yarn feels WAY better to wear than it did to knit with!


I cast on for a size small, hoping to get between a small and a medium – and I’m happy to report that I did! It fits really well. Mods: I used a regular long-tail cast on instead of tubular (out of pure laziness!), so I started with a WS row for the half twisted rib. I slipped the first stitch of the ribbing with the intention of doing a split hem, but changed my mind once I started seaming. I seamed this using the mattress stitch and, if you don’t already know, it. is. MAGICAL. See my Instagram video for proof. I knit the sleeves an inch shorter than indicated because of my short arms and they came out perfectly. Somehow the 2nd sleeve went faster than the 1st, and before I knew it, the sweater was off my needles! Oh, and I love the tubular bind off! Such a pretty finish. I was afraid it was going to come out too short for my preference (I like sweaters to be a bit longer), but you have to layer this with something anyway, so it worked out. I layer it with this tank from Target (the perfect layering tank, IMO)! The burgundy color is just right for my sweater!


If I were to knit this again (and I would!) I would try to modify to knit it in the round. As much as I loved the mattress stitch, I hate to purl, and that would’ve saved me a lot of purling! Also, I need to learn how to make the front neckline lower! I see mods on it all the time, but I’m afraid to try it myself. New goal: learn how to modify necklines!

I’ve already lit my favorite candle and hung my fall wreath. If you need me, I’ll be knitting and waiting for cooler weather so I can wear this beauty!

The joy in these photos is real, y’all – this is the perfect fall sweater!

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  1. I would really love to knit this in the round… my purl gauge is usually looser than my knit gauge, plus I also hate to purl! Do you think the adjustments would be very hard? The body would be easy…

    • Hi, Katie! I agree… I hate purling and my gauge is a bit looser, though I didn’t have any trouble with this. I contemplated knitting this in the round and would have had I been more experienced! I don’t think it would be difficult to adjust at all. Several people on Ravelry have done it with good results. This one, for example, has good notes: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/bynight/wolf-river and I saw others as well (I just search for “round” in the projects and I bunch come up. Once you get to the sleeves, you just have to separate and work the front and back separately, back and forth. I don’t think it would require much work! Good luck! I love this sweater!

  2. Hi Katie, I did mod to knit in the round… but am stuck on the short rows. How many stitches did you have when you FINISHED the shoulder shaping? I still have 24 stitches after the wrap and turns…. but then it says to PU & k 19+11+19 to finish the neckline. What am I missing?!?!

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