This week I knit Timber Bay by Melissa Schaschwary. For this hat, I used the provisional cast on for the first time. I had been nervous about this technique, but I’m so glad to have finally put it to the test! It was pretty simple, but also pretty time-consuming. I feel like it took all day to knit the ribbing of this hat – it’s folded double, making it super warm .As of now, I’m not sure that I’ll use this in the future, but I’m glad to have learned something new!


I knit this hat with my first ever skein of Plucky! I used The Plucky Knitter Scholar in the Flannel colorway. I expected this yarn to be a lot softer with the cashmere in, but it’s actually kind of rough. One morning, I woke up with sore hands this from knitting with it. Thankfully it did soften up a bit when I blocked it and it is very cozy. And of course I like the color a lot… it’s grey! This isn’t my favorite yarn, but I’ve since purchased some different Plucky bases and I am in. love.

Many other knitters said they eliminated the last section of fisherman’s rib, but I didn’t feel that was necessary. I really like how slouchy it is – that’s what makes it unique! It didn’t occur to me until I got to the Fisherman’s Rib section how similar this hat is to the Snoqualmie Hat I knit a couple of weeks back. I like them both a lot; if you like a lot of slouch, I’d go with this one. Those that like a more flattened top should go for Snoqualmie, but I probably didn’t need to buy both patterns. Timber Bay will be my go-to on particularly cold days this winter – it has some serious warmth!


As you can see, the decreases are pretty boring, I may add some of the K1P1 when I knit this again. I also may do a regular band rather than double it over, to save some time. I love the result, but I don’t love how long it took. Overall, the pattern was well-written and produced a beautiful hat!


What’s your favorite hat to knit?! I’d love to hear 🙂 



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