Month: May 2016

shawl ready for this | volume one

Over the past couple months, I’ve knit 3 shawls as part of my #52weeksofknits resolution. I wanted to wait and share them all in one post (okay, more like it took me forever to block them and weave in ends once I was done). Either way, today is the day I share them! Thanks to my sweet Mom for the impromptu photo shoot!

First up, the first shawl I (ever) knit: Range by Andrea Mowry. Grey is my favorite color (that’s probably obvious by now) and I love how it pairs with purple. I chose Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted in Aran (off-white), Grey Heather, Charcoal & Spiced Plum. I’m very happy with my color choices, except that I wish the off-white was more of a pure white. It still looks beautiful as is, though. I had one skein of each color, and didn’t use all of any of them.


Other than having to wait a week for a replacement when one of my needles broke (ugh), I had no issues knitting this! The pattern is written well, which is par for the course for Andrea’s designs. I particularly enjoyed the brioche and ombre tweed sections! The colors seem to melt into one another, producing a beautiful gradient effect. This may not be one I keep for myself; I have someone in mind that it will suit perfectly, though it will be difficult to give up!

range3 range1

The second shawl was a result of a frantic “what the heck to do I do with this gorgeous single skein of sport weight yarn?!” Ravelry search. When I came across Reyna by Noora Laivola, I was sold! 1 – it’s free and 2 – it’s beautiful! After unraveling almost an entire sock I had knit with this yarn (that was turning out way too big), I got to work on this pattern. Man, this thing went fast! The sections are easy to memorize and I enjoyed learning the construction. After a good soak and block, the lace sections really bloomed & I’m super happy with the final product.


The yarn is Miss Babs Yummy 3-Ply in an old Babette called Verrassing. This is one of my favorite yarns I’ve ever purchased and I think this pattern showcases it beautifully! I was afraid of running out of yarn, so I made the last mesh section a little shorter. Then I realized I had more than I thought, so the last garter section is slightly wider than the pattern calls for. I have enough leftover that I probably could’ve done another row or two, but didn’t want to risk it.


Finally, we have my most recent completed shawl – Bradway by Shannon Cook. Shannon is another of my favorite designers, and this shawl is just a textural work of art. Incorporating garter, twisted rib, and stripes (my favorite!), it has plenty to keep you interested. I knit this up in just a week! Weaving in ends as I went was also seriously satisfying. If you don’t already, I highly recommend it! When I got to the end, I just had two (yes. TWO.) ends to weave in and it was ready for a bath! The only modification I made was to cut the very last (border) garter section short by one repeat so I didn’t run out of yarn.

 brad3 brad2

During The Plucky Knitter‘s last update, I purchased a 3-skein mystery kit in Trusty on a whim (because, you know, Treat Yo Self!!). This means that Sarah and Hayley, the girls over at The Plucky Knitter, chose 3 colors for me. I have to say, I’d never choose these colors for myself but I’m in love!! They did such a fantastic job! I think they’re the perfect match for this gorgeous shawl pattern. The 3 shades are Ogre (the green, of course), Shindigger (a gorgeous turquoise) & Milk Maid. I’m surprised I love these colors so much, but this is actually my very favorite of the 3 shawls!

brad1 brad5

I should mention that I cast on Marley by Andrea Mowry as well, but was very unhappy with my colors, so I frogged it. From the 5 or so increases of it that I knit, I know I love the pattern! I already have a gorgeous pair of Madelinetosh colors to cast on a fresh Marley shawl & I can’t wait!

Shannon Cook’s Amberle is already on the needles and cabinfour’s Farmhouse is also on the horizon. It’s safe to say that I’m totally addicted to shawl knitting. And I’m totally okay with that!

What are your favorite shawls to knit? I’m always looking to add to my ever-expanding Ravelry favorites 🙂 



timber bay | week 17 – #52weeksofknits

This week I knit Timber Bay by Melissa Schaschwary. For this hat, I used the provisional cast on for the first time. I had been nervous about this technique, but I’m so glad to have finally put it to the test! It was pretty simple, but also pretty time-consuming. I feel like it took all day to knit the ribbing of this hat – it’s folded double, making it super warm .As of now, I’m not sure that I’ll use this in the future, but I’m glad to have learned something new!


I knit this hat with my first ever skein of Plucky! I used The Plucky Knitter Scholar in the Flannel colorway. I expected this yarn to be a lot softer with the cashmere in, but it’s actually kind of rough. One morning, I woke up with sore hands this from knitting with it. Thankfully it did soften up a bit when I blocked it and it is very cozy. And of course I like the color a lot… it’s grey! This isn’t my favorite yarn, but I’ve since purchased some different Plucky bases and I am in. love.

Many other knitters said they eliminated the last section of fisherman’s rib, but I didn’t feel that was necessary. I really like how slouchy it is – that’s what makes it unique! It didn’t occur to me until I got to the Fisherman’s Rib section how similar this hat is to the Snoqualmie Hat I knit a couple of weeks back. I like them both a lot; if you like a lot of slouch, I’d go with this one. Those that like a more flattened top should go for Snoqualmie, but I probably didn’t need to buy both patterns. Timber Bay will be my go-to on particularly cold days this winter – it has some serious warmth!


As you can see, the decreases are pretty boring, I may add some of the K1P1 when I knit this again. I also may do a regular band rather than double it over, to save some time. I love the result, but I don’t love how long it took. Overall, the pattern was well-written and produced a beautiful hat!


What’s your favorite hat to knit?! I’d love to hear 🙂