I posted a photo on Instagram with tag #whatsinyournotionspouch and was inspired to write a post expanding on the things I can’t knit without!


First up, the pouch itself was a gift from my darling Nana. She picked it up for me on her most recent trip home (England, that is). I love the images of the Queen’s Guard, Big Ben, and sweet little terriers… it makes my heart happy! It’s also the perfect size to house my various notions.


The tape measure is one I’ve had for ages, and it’s the one part of my kit I want to upgrade soon. It certainly serves its purpose, but is cumbersome – I’d really like a nice little retractable one.


I always carry a notebook and pen – whether or not I’m knitting! This little notebook is from the dollar section at Target. It’s unlined, and I often use it to take notes, do gauge math, or make tick marks. You’ll also see a random DPN I use for cabling and some business cards for my Etsy shop (from Vistaprint).


I haven’t had these little scissors from Fringe Supply Co. very long, but I love them already. They’re much nicer than the cheapo art class scissors I toted around for years.

There are always tons of stitch markers floating around, but I try to wrangle them in 2 plastic pouches. The black markers are rubber ones from a LYS.


The smaller blue and yellow markers are Clover brand and I’ve had them for ages (I looked and can’t find anything really similar in their line anymore – these are super flexible and I love them, but I’ve lost most of them). The pretty metal ones with beads are Bab’s Favorite Stitch Markers, a recent acquisition and I adore them!

My favorite tapestry needles are housed in this cute little vial from Fringe Supply Co. The set comes with two really nice steel needles and the other two are plastic from Michaels.


Last up, we have the Clover row counter (you can find at any LYS or Michaels), a staple in any kit and a huge helper when knitting shawls! Rounding out the kit are two crochet hooks, for picking up stitches, and a hand cream – a must for chronically dry-skinned ladies like myself.


Bonus: technically, these aren’t in my notions pouch, but they’re definitely worth noting as part of my kit. This little pouch originally contained the scissors from Fringe Supply Co., but I repurposed it to hold my large and small Clover pom pom makers. They’re the best I’ve found to make perfectly fluffy poms for any project! Make sure to stuff them full of yarn for the most fluff and trim plenty to get a nice, round shape!

bag poms

And there we have it! It’s taken me years to find the tools that are right for me, and I hope you’ve found this information useful for your own notions pouch!


Show me what’s in your notions pouch! Use #whatsinyournotionspouch on Instagram!

Warmest Wishes,


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