Month: April 2016

things I can’t knit without | #whatsinyournotionspouch

I posted a photo on Instagram with tag #whatsinyournotionspouch and was inspired to write a post expanding on the things I can’t knit without!


First up, the pouch itself was a gift from my darling Nana. She picked it up for me on her most recent trip home (England, that is). I love the images of the Queen’s Guard, Big Ben, and sweet little terriers… it makes my heart happy! It’s also the perfect size to house my various notions.



pollen | week 13 – #52weeksofknits

Pollen… What an appropriate name for this week. There’s a nice dusting of the yellow stuff on every car in sight, and my allergies are relentless. Good thing there’s always knitting to keep me busy inside when antihistamines just won’t do their job!

This week, I had the opportunity to test a new pattern from one of my favorite knitwear designers, Andrea Mowry of! Seriously, could. not. be. more excited.