Do you ever pick up a skein of yarn and just feel it telling you it was meant to be a scarf? Or gloves? Or a hat? That happened to me this week. Except halfway through, it changed its mind.


I was perusing Michael’s a few weeks ago and spotted the Lion’s Pride Woolspun section. They had some really nice colors and I was surprised at how soft and squishy it was! The color that jumped out to me was – no surprise here – rust. I immediately pictured an adorable slouchy beanie. Since I know of 2 little boys due to be born this summer, I grabbed a skein. I mean, it was calling to me… slouchy baby hat… slouchy baby hat…


Yeah… that’s not slouchy. or a baby. or a hat. Unless you count Molly as my baby (which I do, but most people give me very strange looks, so for the sake of argument, let’s not go there).


This is a bulky weight yarn, so I cast on for a 6-12 month baby head, knit the ribbing, and worked the stripe. Then I glanced up at my sweet pup. I looked back at my knitting. Crap. I knew it instantly. It wanted to be a collar for Molly. Or… a scarf? I’m not sure. Either way, it changed its mind.

molly8 molly7

So now Molly has an adorable collar and I still need to knit something for these babies! I was really excited about these tiny burnt orange beanies, but…

molly2 molly1

the yarn wants what it wants…



2 comments on “the yarn wants what it wants – week 11 | #52weeksofknits”

  1. I don’t have and straight needles! I everytime use circulars! But for socks I have DPNs. My favourite brand is KnitPro and I linke two different lines a lot: Symfonie and Trendz. Symfonie are multicoloured wood needles and Trendz are solid coloured acrylic needles. I also like interchangable circulars a lot!

    • Sounds like we enjoy similar needles, Natalie! 🙂 I’ve tried acrylic DPNS before and hated them! I had one snap on me halfway through my project! Not cool. They were very cheap though. Trendz looks like a good quality line!

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