Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vanilla Fog by Andrea Mowry was this week’s knit (well, last weeks. I’m a day late posting… Oops!). It was my first foray into brioche knitting and I loved it!

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I think this is a great piece for brioche newbies like myself.

Please don’t mind the phone selfies. My photographer (er… husband) is under the weather
& I didn’t want to bother him!

I’m less than proud of my technique on this hat. I messed up way more than I care to admit, mainly due to carelessness. I was back and forth between this piece, a sock, and a headband. I just lost track. You don’t have to look too closely to see my mistakes.

Although the brioche stitch creates a squishy, forgiving fabric, the brim is way too tight. Even with the super stretchy Twisted German Cast-on, it is a struggle to get it over my head. This just tells me I should have made a gauge swatch. Once it’s on my head though, it’s totally fine. It’s thick & warm, which is just perfect for the weather we’ve had lately!

I think this hat would make a great gift, since it is so stretchy! Next time I’ll have to be sure to get my gauge before I start.

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Warmest Wishes! xoxo


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